Our top home organising tips.

window sil in home in norfolk

Organising your home can feel like a daunting task. As we age we tend to collect more and more items, cupboards become cluttered, wardrobes overspill and shelves become havens of holidays and activities gone by. Whilst collecting items is one of lives great pleasures it’s important to keep on top of belongings and having an organised home makes day to day life much easier. 

Imagine being able to find that piece of paperwork with ease, or sort through your clothes without having to heave through many coat hangers of clothes you’ve not worn for years. 

Starting simple everyday tasks can make this much easier to face rather than tackling the house as one large project. 

Cluttered hallway? The hallway is usually the first glimpse into your home that yourself and any guests see. Typically the hallway can be cluttered with shoes, hooks over filled with large winter coats and bags. Could your entrance be rearranged to remove unnecessary clutter. Do you really need all the shoes, could they be donated or stored elsewhere to provide room for guests’ shoes. 

Keeping a basket at your entrance is a good idea to allow guests to put belongings away, and won’t fill your gangway with trip hazards.

1 in, 1 out rule 

When purchasing new items, consider the one in, one out rule. This will ensure you really consider what you bring in and keep in your home. When you buy a new piece of furniture, clothing, or dare we say it, tupperware. It’s time something you no longer use has to leave. Donating to charity, giving to friends or family or selling is a great way to avoid good items going to landfill. 

Label your storage 

If you’ve got products you’re storing, be sure to label boxes to ensure you can easily see at a glance what the box contains without having to unpack and remove items. This makes it easier for you to sort your Christmas decorations from your summer clothes when you’re searching for a specific item.