What Happens to the Furniture During a House Clearance?

two leather sofas in front of a blue wall and black radiator

A house clearance can happen for any number of reasons and can save a lot of stress and even sadness for the client. House clearances often occur after the loss of a loved one, a loved one moving into care, downsizing or relocating. The task of clearing out a home is a time-consuming and labour-intensive one, which is where the professionals come in.

During a house clearance, our workers will remove every item the owner doesn’t want to keep and then either sell, recycle or dispose of them, leaving the house empty. Our teams can even remove carpets, underlay, curtains, blinds and curtain poles for clients. But what happens to the belongings that are removed? Let’s discuss the three methods used for furniture left for the clearance teams to handle.


When performing a house clearance, our team is able to determine which items could be worth selling rather than recycling or disposing. Anything that holds considerable value, can be entered into an auction or is in demand can be considered for sale, and our clearance team will then take the payment of these sales and remove the amount from your final clearance bill. 

The client will need no involvement as our clearance team handles it all from start to finish. At the end of the job, the client will be told what items were sold and for how much. This saves the client the task of listing items online and delivering them, attempting to put them up for auction or selling them to another business to sell on.


Many furniture and household items can be recycled or reused, be it the entire piece or just parts of it. For anything that can be reused, our house clearance service team will take it to a donation bank or charity drop-off. Where the items can’t be reused but can be recycled, the team will break them down and take them to a recycling site to be safely recycled.

Clearance companies are able to recycle more than can be recycled in roadside bins, and you may be surprised at what furniture and belongings can be taken to the recycling centre. At Anglia House Clearance, we try to recycle as much as possible for the planet’s good, preferring to reduce the amount taken to dispose of.


For any items and furniture pieces that cannot be recycled, reused or sold, our workers will take them to be disposed of ethically. This saves the client from having to make the trip themselves and any potential heartache when saying goodbye to said items. Anglia House Clearance has an upper-tier waste carrier’s licence, allowing us to dispose of waste legally.

Our team believes that care and compassion are key, no matter the job. Any belongings that need to be disposed of will be handled carefully and are never described as rubbish, waste or junk. A good house clearance company should treat the clients and their belongings with the respect they deserve.

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