What is compulsive hoarding?

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A person who hoards has a compulsion to hold on to possessions whether they are needed or not. Commonly hoarded items tend to be newspapers, household goods and clothing. Having a relative or loved one with the condition can be difficult to understand but it’s important to remain supportive and come to a mutual understanding.

Hoarding can cause problems leading to stress and even interfering with day to day life causing dangerous living conditions. The reason for developing a problem with hoarding can be caused by many different reasons but typically if you have a relative with the same condition, have experienced trauma or uncontrollable buying habits can all lead to hoarding.

Reasons for hoarding / Why someone may hoard.

The cause for hoarding is different from person to person, however those who find themselves with the overwhelming feeling of keeping possessions whether they are required or not can often come after the loss of a loved one or traumatic experience such as a medical condition or experiencing abuse or an attack. Alternatively obsessive purchasing habits can lead to hoarding when those find themselves overwhelmed with possessions that they can’t turn down. 

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