What is a Waste Carriers Licence?

fly tipping on side of road

As a house clearance company we are well versed with dealing with customers who have houses full of items they’d like cleared. Whether you’re experiencing a bereavement or looking to completely clear your home prior to moving house we’re on hand to make the process quick, easy and pain free. 

We conduct full house clearances which means we’ll leave your house clear of all items, from sofas to newspapers and everything in between, including that collection of ornaments that got out of control. 

In January 2014 the law for the carriage of waste changed in the UK, this launched the introduction of the waste carriers licence. This change in law meant that anyone looking to buy, sell or transport waste of any kind requires signing up for a waste carrier licence – even if you only want to remove small quantities. Failure to comply with the law means you could be faced with fines of up to £5,000. 

It’s important to consider this when searching for clearance companies to remove items from your home, no matter how big or small your job is. Unfortunately the introduction of this law has meant there has been a rise in fly tipping by individuals and companies, according to statistics provided by the government local authorities in England dealt with 1.13 million fly tipping incidents. Sadly this was an increase of 16% from the 980,000 reported incidents in 2019/20. As a company we’re committed to ensure as little waste goes to landfill, but to also ensure we’re signed up to the upper tier waste carriers licence which allows us to dispose of any waste professionally and most importantly legally.

What is a waste carrier’s licence? 

If you transport waste on the public highway you must carry a valid waste carriers licence. All businesses that either transport waste, buy, sell or dispose of waste and/or arrange for third parties to sell or dispose of waste must register for a licence. 

Any waste that can’t be reused or donated will be recycled with our upper tier Waste Carriers’ Licence.

What do you do with the items removed from a clearance? 

We will resell or donate any items of value to local charities, for example we often donate blankets and towels to local pet charities. 

For any items removed from properties that can’t be reused or donated will be recycled with our upper tier Waste Carriers’ Licence that we work with Reflections House Clearance – zero percent of this goes to landfill, so you can rest assured that your items won’t end up in landfill and importantly won’t end up on the side of the road contributing to fly tipping statistics.

How to check if a company has a waste carriers licence? 

The environment agency holds a central register where you can look up if your contractor is registered to legally dispose of your items. We’ve also signed up to the Anti Fly Tipping Association who actively help combat the fly tipping problem. All members of AFTA must agree to produce its latest waste disposal receipts to ensure members are disposing of waste legally. 

Together we can create a better landscape by ensuring companies and individuals alike are complying with the law to dispose of waste, on all scales. If you’re currently looking to hire a reliable and considerate clearance company consider calling us on 01603 531775.